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How to Get Your Realtor to Work Five Times Harder!

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The fact is, there isn't much more to the average Realtor than the Realtor themselves. Most Realtors operate a one-person show - and they're probably breaking their backs trying to do a good job for their clients. Most Realtors couldn't really work any harder than they're already working.

You may be sympathetic to the fact that your Realtor is working as hard as humanly possible, but if the quality and profitability of your home sale suffers as a result of them trying to do everything themselves ... well,

Twenty years ago, this is the boat I was in ... and I felt it was sinking fast. So I took it upon myself to develop a much better system for selling people's homes. The simple explanation is that I built a group of professionals to help me be in 10 places at once, and therefore greatly enhance the quality of service I'm able to deliver to my clients. This is basically how other professionals like your banker or lawyer operate. And on top of this, I've used cutting edge technology to dramatically improve the speed, efficiency and innovative capabilities of every part of the service I deliver.

I don't expect you to care about the fine details of the inner-workings of my office.

What you should care about is simply this. Because of this highly unique way I've structured my real estate office ...

And because we sell a lot of homes, I have extensive homeselling experience.

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